opening the kimono

In the months since I have been searching in earnest for a submissive, three candidates have reached a stage where I want to begin showing them what is in my mind.  In two minutes, I can set up a new secondary blog at Tumblr, and give the URL to one person; he doesn’t even need to be a Tumblr user.

Each time, they click the link and are immediately hooked by the images. Aggressive women in black and stilettos, wielding monster dildos and whips… it’s too much to ignore, especially for nice boys who aren’t already experienced in femdom porn.

It’s a story I tell for one viewer, unfolded slowly and precisely.

They masturbate to the pictures. They tell me how they feel about this act or that one. It’s been a useful tool to learn about a prospect.

But then when I release the boy, I’ve got this useless skeleton blog. Short-term little sites with no real archive of any value. I tried to repurpose the first one, and it didn’t work — it had been curated with a specific person in mind and it felt cheap to try and re-use it.

I should just delete them.

But I hate throwing things away; you never know when it might become useful again.  (Yes, of course – this correctly indicates that my closets are a nightmare.)

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