A turn of events that is literally incredible by its definition:

At our last update, I was going to make an honest go of it with Harry Potter, rather than fretting because he wasn’t Gerrard.  So we had a date on Friday, April 7; a lovely drinks night with much heady conversation and of course some kissing in a parking lot, as is my wont. I was willing and ready to give him a real shot. I offered him the opportunity to become my sub for a probationary period, and he was to take the weekend to think about it.

Then on Sunday, we had a weird conversation that set us both off, a bit.  And Monday morning, he texted me and admitted that he had also been talking to another girl, one who was a sub and allowed him to switch to Dom, and they had really hit it off.  He thought he wanted to explore that, but was torn because of how much he liked me.

I was disappointed, but I knew what the right thing to do was. I was about to text him to bless him and release him.

Then Gerrard texted me. He said, “this is going to sound crazy but I fell in love with you and I didn’t know how to tell you so I ran away because I’m not good at talking about my feelings and I know it sounds insane but I really did fall in love in two weeks.”

So I sent him this.

And I told him I was angry that he disappeared on me, and that I wanted to see him right away. And then I didn’t eat or sleep for a day.

He got back in town from his work trip, and we met. We walked down a deserted small-town Main Street hand in hand, looking into storefronts under streetlights and just breathing each other again. We kissed for hours and he apologized and I told him that I loved him.

Because I do.

And then two days later we went to a bar, and then we made out in a deserted hotel lobby for three hours.

And then last night we met for dinner and we stayed the night, and we argued and cried a little and yet somehow it was more perfect than the first time.

So that’s where we are.  It’s Gerrard, and he has managed to capture my heart in 41 days — and I am terrified and exhilarated and full of hope.

* Edited to add:  And Paul Revere ghosted, btw. So all the ends are nicely neatly tied up, and I know who it is that I am supposed to be with.


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