I’m Anna, and I’ve started this site to chronicle my experience searching for a submissive. As of June 6, 2017, I don’t think I’m bound to anyone.

The Cliff Notes of the latest will always be at this link I was doing so previously at Tumblr but it became unsuitable for various reasons. I still post photos there, feel free to perv as you like if you are a Tumblr user.

I think too much. I needed an outlet for it… one where no one is looking for me. Plus, I blogged a million years ago, and it’s an easy habit to fall back into. 

The picture above is not me; I do not put face photos on the internet. But I do like the aesthetic. She is smiling, confident in her ownership of the body beneath her. He is bound, anonymous, yet comfortable. She handles him like her property. A table full of toys await her.

I live in a big city in the Southern US. I’m an experienced bisexual switch, but right now specifically seeking a male pet.

I believe in cocktails, travel, manners, strap-ons, setting high expectations, pretty feet, good food, keeping one’s word, the Oxford comma, and returning your cart to the store.

I do not believe in cigarettes, church, topping from the bottom, incomplete sentences, needless cruelty, or coincidences.

This site is called “Miscellaneous Romance” because that’s the category I inevitably use when I post one more fruitless ad on Craigslist. Nothing I want fits into the other nice, neat buckets.

I abhor Craigslist, but I simply can’t stop looking for those people on the other end of my red threads.