close to perfect

When he tells you that you deserve every perfection in life, and you reply that you don't believe in perfection because perfection is a stagnant condition where there is no more to achieve and it signals the end of growth and he interrupts your explanation with a kiss to say, "Close to perfect, then."

Saint Raphael, hear my prayers

In the last five days I have seen Gerrard for three visits of eight hours, six hours, and seventeen hours respectively. After this latest (a heady, passionate, sublime visit, beyond anything I could have imagined), I can barely wallow in the deliciously dirty details, for I am paralyzed with anxiety. See, something went wrong with … Continue reading Saint Raphael, hear my prayers

Electing strange perfections

In "Someone New", my boy Andrew H. Byrne sings about what it's like to be on the hunt. The world is a big, gorgeous, messy pile of horny humans, looking for each other—and if Tumblr and Craigslist are any indicator, most of them are failing miserably. For whatever reason, I have been lucky to cross … Continue reading Electing strange perfections